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Lana Katz, MA, BS – Counselor & Coach

My education consists of MA, Mental Health Counseling; New York University and BS, Industrial and Labor Relations; Cornell University. My experience, education, and passion has led me to the path of helping others through counseling and coaching.

My belief is that our ability to live a more satisfying life is predicated on our capacity for self-awareness and subsequently self-management. Therefore, by examining our patterned behavior and underlying thinking, we have an opportunity to understand the dynamics of our distress. This understanding, derived from insight-oriented therapy, coupled with cognitive behavioral based techniques, can help us transition to living a better life.

I work with clients who may be experiencing stress, anxiety, emotional fatigue or sadness, and are at a critical point of needing new methods to live a better life. A better way of living includes a greater ability to manage our emotional engagement with triggering people, events, or circumstances. I help facilitate the process of introspection and awareness with the goal to build and foster skills to better manage emotional and psychological reactions. Regulating our emotions in and of itself is a worthy goal; however, my hope is for my clients to ultimately improve the quality of their lives, and maintain a sense of contentment and well-being.

I have experience as a therapist and an executive coach helping individuals to explore and develop skills in order to manage the psychological and emotional challenges that impact personal satisfaction, self-esteem, relationships, professional and personal development, and personal definitions of success.

My approach is active, engaging, and non-judgmental.


American Counseling Association


Professional Counselor Associate (#5121)






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