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Normajean Cefarelli, PhD, LMFT - Director

I am a Connecticut and New York State Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has trained extensively in counseling individuals, couples and families. I hold a Master of Family Therapy degree from Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU) and I am a Clinical Member and Approved Supervisor with the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) as well as a member of the state chapter of that organization. For the past three years I have served as a board member for the Connecticut Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (CTAMFT) in the role of Ethics Committee Liaison.
Since my graduation from the Marriage and Family Therapy Program I have created and accepted opportunities in the field that have contributed to my learning, growth and experience leading to my becoming a highly-qualified and professional practitioner. Over the past ten years I have spent countless hours pursing my dream of helping others lead healthier lives.
As a marriage and family therapist I offer traditional psychotherapy using a systems approach to work with the entire family in order to provide awareness and change. I have conducted therapeutic supervised visits while integrating a Structural model for parenting. I have a strong passion for experiential therapies such as a Gestalt Therapy and Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. In addition, I offer a 10-week anger management and conflict resolution program for individuals and couples.
It has been my experience that talk therapy can be enhanced with energy therapies. Energy therapies help support and heal an individual while moving through an impasse. In turn, this allows a deeper level of healing to take place. Although traditional psychotherapy is very helpful, I have found that the energy system often benefits from an integrated approach. Recognizing this I have studied two of the oldest traditional eastern energy therapies and I am now a Reiki Master Teacher registered with the International Association of Reiki Professionals and Registered Jin Shin Do® Bodymind Acupressure® Practitioner. I also received my Certification for Hypnotherapy through the Hypnodine Foundation recognized by the Hypnosis International Board of Registration.
Early on in my graduate studies I wanted to broaden my experience as a multicultural therapist. With that in mind, I practiced in New York City where I worked with many foreign born and first-generation individuals, couples and families. I am honored to say that I have worked with people from twenty-five different countries and most of the major religions. Currently I integrate culture, religion, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, gender and contemporary marriage and family structures into the therapy I provide.
In 2008 I was invited to teach as an adjunct instructor for the Psychology Department at SCSU and in 2013 I was invited to teach as an adjunct instructor and clinical supervisor for the Marriage and Family Therapy program.
In addition to my demanding schedule, I chose to continue with my education and I am in the process of pursuing my Ph.D. in marriage and family therapy in order to deepen my knowledge of the field with the intention of teaching and supervising students. I am currently a Doctoral Candidate working on my dissertation.
I have a lifetime of knowledge, experience and passion that touches others in a way that provides growth and transformation in their lives; whether it be a student, client, friend or colleague. I have an insatiable thirst and quest for knowledge that serves me best when I am able to share it with others.
My hobbies are included in my lifestyle. This is reflected by my past studies with Bikram Yoga Studio in Glastonbury, my association with Central Connecticut Tai Chi Ch’uan and my membership for over a decade as a Registered Black Belt with the World Tang Soo Do Association. My leisure time is mostly spent with my horse Rocky and studying/practicing Shambhala Meditation.








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